Scandinavian head injury trial in pediatric patients

the SHIPP-study

A pragmatic, prospective, multicentre study for the validation of the Scandinavian guidelines for minor and moderate head trauma in children

We are actively looking for more hospitals in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark that want to participate in the study.


Please send an e-mail to info@shipp.se and we will contact you with more information

/Scientific committee 2020-06-30


The SHIPP-study is an ongoing multicentre study in Scandinavia aiming to validate and develop the Scandinavian guidelines for initial management of minor and moderate head trauma in children

(Åstrand et al, 2016).


The guideline stratifies risk for clinically important intracranial injury after blunt head trauma in children, and management recommendations are based upon this risk stratification.


However, before large-scale clinical implementation, a validation and further development study to ensure accuracy and security of the guideline has to be performed.



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